About Me

Artist & Craft Engineer

Hello! I’m Taryn.

I went to school at Alfred University for Art where I studied glassblowing and woodworking (among other things). It was an amazing four years.

Later on I moved to London, England where I received a certificate in Footwear from the London College of Fashion, Cordwainers. Returning home to the USA I had no job or plan, so I bicycled across America with my best friend, Amy Garbark of Garbella (check out her Etsy shop, she’s awesome and introduced me to Etsy)!

I know how to craft for sure. I have worked all over the world in the name of art including Aomori, Japan, Vigevano, Italy, London, England, New York, NY, and currently Pacifica, California. I used to work as a Display Coordinator for Anthropologie, opening up stores around the nation and having a home base in Burlingame, CA. After a couple years I realized that working for myself was still the most fulfilling thing at the end of the day. So I moved on from Anthro and back to myself.

I quilt, felt, sew, embroider, stitch, fuse, weld, paint, blow glass, lamp work, decoupage, carve, enamel, upholster, solder, stamp, work with ceramics, you name it—I do it, and I LOVE IT.

I had a baby this year and that has been my biggest creation yet… pretty crazy stuff.

Thank you for your interest in my work.